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After spending most of my twenties building a career and partying, I met the girl of my dreams and settled down. Now in my early thirties, I live quietly in the suburbs, drink good beer frequently, work hard, and continually strive to: grow intellectually, hone my leadership skills, and search for meaning.

Dave Matthews Band

When I first heard about them, I hated Dave Matthews Band. Not necessarily because of their music–I seem to vaguely recall enjoying the first few measures of the chorus to “So Much to Say” in late middle school–but because of … Continue reading

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A Look Back, Part II

My second entry in an intermittent series of flashbacks to old journal entires. This one finds me at Christmas break, age twenty-one, in my junior year of college. The previous fall I had gone though a bad breakup, and was … Continue reading

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On Journaling

I started my first journal when I was seventeen years old, in the Fall of 1998. After a turbulent start to high school, I began to turn things around for the better in my junior year. I ditched a few … Continue reading

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Books I Want My Kids to Read

In the middle of the night I had an idea to write a blog post about the books I would want my kids to read at different points in their childhoods. I chose one book for the following time periods: Before … Continue reading

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The World Cup–A Growing Obsession

My background in soccer is limited to the seasons I played for my park district when I was in early elementary school. In three years, I never scored a goal. The closest I came was in the fall of first … Continue reading

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On the Way You Speak of Your Wife… and to Servers

Yesterday I took half of a day off of work to go to a favorite brewery of mine with some buddies for lunch. The trip started off nice enough, and the food and beer were great, as always, but some … Continue reading

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Why I Left Social Media… Well, with Three Exceptions…

This past week I deactivated my Instagram, which was my last major social media account. I’ve been off of Facebook for two years, off of Twitter for over a year and a half, and away from MySpace for the better … Continue reading

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